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What is a Cherry Picker Forklift

What is a Cherry Picker Forklift

An ordinary worker cannot carry excessively heavy loads. That is the reason why machinery and equipment were invented. Forklift machines are used to lift and transport loads in a warehouse, factory and lumberyard, among others. It is named as such because its two forks in front are used to bring objects up and down. A cherry picker can be attached to a forklift so that a worker can be safely transported to a higher place. The concept is essentially like that of a truck mounted with the cherry picker. The difference is that in the cherry picker forklift, the cherry picker hydraulic system is placed in front while in the truck cherry picker, it can be found at the back. Nevertheless, they both fulfill the same purpose.

Importance of Cherry Pickers

For those who want to know what is a cherry picker forklift, the first thing you should know is that Walter E. Thornton-Trump invented the machine in 1951 specifically for fruit-picking purposes in orchards. It was first named “Giraffe”. Now it is being utilized by construction, utility and telephone companies, in mining, and even in helping firefighters put out fire. Cherry pickers are important because they enable a person to safely reach awkward locations and heights. The use of ladders limits the actions of the worker. It can only go so high and also does not offer enough safety to the worker. Accidents have been known to happen, like falling down that sometimes causes serious injury or even death. The most widely used cherry pickers are the truck cherry picker and the cherry picker forklift.

Parts of a Cherry Picker Forklift

Most warehouses prefer to use a cherry picker forklift since it can pass through small spaces or aisles. Maneuvering is also much easier than using tracks. The forklift is fitted with the articulated lift or boom. It is the term used for the lifting mechanism. The bucket is connected to the articulated lift and this is the area where the worker stands on. The bucket must have railings so that the worker will have something to hold on to. There must also be a safety harness that the worker must put on with a lanyard attached. The control box is located inside the bucket and another in the forklift, in case of malfunction. There must also be safety features like warning lights and alarms in case of malfunction or machine breakdown.

Working as a Cherry Picker Forklift Operator

Not everyone can work as a cherry picker forklift operator. But if you are interested to know what is a cherry picker forklift, enroll in education and trade centers and take an operator’s course. The course usually takes five days and is mandated by the United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration. After finishing the course, you are asked to take the written and practical exam. A license is issued after passing the tests. Having a license is important because it means you are aware of the proper driving and safety procedures. You can then apply for a job. There are plenty of employment opportunities in different environments like in freezer storage, warehouses, factories, and others. It is a skilled job that needs concentration and vigilance. But the benefits and pay are commensurate to the services rendered.

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