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Cherry Picker Servicing

All hydraulic systems use some medium, usually an incompressible liquid such as oil, to transmit a force from one point to another. Cherry pickers are no different. The extendable arm operates using hydraulics for movement. The efficiency of the system depends upon smooth movement and this in turn relies on clean oil being present. If dust and grit were to find their way into the hydraulics system of a cherry picker it could be disastrous. The longevity and proper performance of the machine will undoubtedly be negatively affected. Thatís why itís essential that one makes the right choice when determining where to go for cherry picker servicing.

Some manufacturers offer cherry picker servicing of their particular models but it might be necessary to look for a place which offers more all round service. Here are some things that one needs to look for when deciding where to go for oneís cherry picker servicing needs:

The cherry picker servicing shop should be clean and organized. Not only does this show that workers keep up certain standards but also that they have some degree of pride in their work and, by extension, their environment.

Workbenches where the hydraulic components of the cherry picker are to be repaired should be a good distance away from any tools or machinery which can produce a lot of dust. A good cherry picker servicing shop knows that hydraulic systems rely on smooth movement and any grime or dust can cause the moving parts to stick.

What kinds of solvents are used to clean machinery parts? Some cherry picker servicing stations use solvents which are not compatible with the rubber seals on some machines and can in fact damage them. It is important to ensure that solvents used are made for that specific purpose. Also take a look at solvent tanks. They should be kept clean and filtered regularly to ensure that there is not a build up of scum.

On the topic of seals, those which are not properly stored run the risk of drying out and cracking. Using these seals on oneís machine is a waste of time since they will go bad in a short space of time and need to be replaced again. Ensure that the cherry picker servicing company stores their seals in a cool, dry place to ensure the maximum shelf life.

Any place which does cherry picker servicing is going to use a supply of compressed air. This is a regular tool in practically all garages. The air itself can contain minute particles and there is also the potential of that air to blow dust around and unto delicate machine parts. Shops should use a filtered supply wherever possible.

Repair work will undoubtedly be in progress at the point in time when one visits the garage. As such, it may not be possible to see all areas where the cherry picker servicing will be taking place. Still, most attendants will be happy to conduct a tour of the facilities if it means the possibility of getting a new client.

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