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Cherry Picker Hoist

Cherry Picker Hoist

Do you know what a cherry picker is? A cherry picker is a machine that was originally designed to help in agriculture. Orchard pickers that need some help to be able to reach high areas no longer have to worry about straining themselves because they can now use these machines to make their job much easier.

What is a Cherry Picker Hoist?

Another nifty name for a cherry picker is an engine hoist. It is a very valuable machine that comes with a hydraulic cylinder, which is connected to a steel frame. It has a hook and an adjustable boom and it can come with foldable legs for easy storage. It is mostly used for hoisting a passenger onto the truck or a car. If the vehicle is too high for passengers to reach, then a cherry picker hoist is going to just the thing they need.

Uses of a Cherry Picker Hoist

As already mentioned above, engine hoists are most useful to afford a passenger the needed height when getting into a vehicle. Another great use for these hoists would be when a vehicle needs some engine or transmission repairs. With the help of a cherry picker hoist, you can attach the engine to it and it can be easily lifted from the hood. This machine is also helpful if the engine is found on a front-wheel driven vehicle. The engine hoist can lift the vehicle so you can get to the engine, which is under the chassis. It has a long chain that is connected to the engine, and this chain is strong enough to lift almost anything.

Typical Cost of a Cherry Picker Hoist

These machines come in a range of prices. A typical 4000-pound, 2-ton crane is priced at $200 to $220. These are perfect for general lifting functions, as well as engine removals. They have foldable legs that permit easy storage, and these legs are stable enough when they are set-up. There is an alternative 2-ton folding engine hoist that comes in a very simple design. They are typically priced at around $190 to $300. They also have an amazing 4000-pound capacity.

Saving Money with a Cherry Picker Hoist

Buying an engine hoist can be very expensive so when owning seems rather impractical and not really something you’d want to do, then you can always consider renting. Renting a cherry picker hoist that’s equipped with a hydraulic system is the cheaper alternative to buying. It would be a good idea to rent especially if you think you are only planning to use the hoist on a few occasions. This machine is quite expensive so unless you will be using it on a regular basis, it is always better to rent. Owning an expensive machine not only entails the cost of buying one but you’d also have to consider the maintenance and repair expenses. But of course, if you think you will often have a need for a cherry picker hoist, then buying this machine would be the right thing to do.

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