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Cherry Picker Hire Insurance

The number of accidents involving cherry pickers has been on the increase in the last couple of years. This can be due in part to the fact that cherry pickers are being used now more than ever in a variety of different jobs. Cherry pickers represent one of the safest ways to work when heights need to be reached. So why have there been accidents? Well it could be because of neglect or inexperience on the part of the person operating the machine. Unsafe practices in the workplace can also contribute. Or it could be because of simple mechanical failure of the machinery. After all, the moving parts of any machine are subject to wear and tear and can fail. Thatís why itís important to have cherry picker hire insurance in place.

Most cherry picker owners rest easier knowing that their cherry picker hire insurance is active. Thatís because itís the insurance company that handles all the complicated paperwork and actually pays for repairs to the machine, and in some cases to any structures damaged during the accident. This means that the owner is not responsible for forking out a ton of money for costly parts and labour. Donít worry. The cherry picker hire insurance company makes this up with the premiums. The cherry picker hire insurance company knows that it is their own reputation on the line should there be any problems paying out a legitimate claim and they will therefore try to have everything go as smoothly as possible.

Cherry picker hire insurance companies are not going to spend their money unwisely. In most cases they will have investigators on their staff that will be tasked with going out to the scene of the accident. They will want to know all the details of the accident so they can determine whose fault it was. Thatís because most companies will only cover the cost of repairs if the accident was as a result of mechanical failure or some unforeseen circumstance. Cherry picker hire insurance typically doesnít cover cases where the accident was found to be caused by an inexperienced operator or unsafe procedures being followed at the workplace. As far as they are concerned, the accident could have been avoided by heightened alertness on the part of the owner or contractor.

No one should choose to go with the first cherry picker hire insurance company that comes to mind. After all, not everyone is going to be willing to look after their clientís interests as much as their own. Some unscrupulous companies will litter their fine print with all sorts of false terms and hidden fees, in the hope that the client will be like a lot of people and ignore them. Some cherry picker hire insurance companies will give such a run around that itís almost impossible to settle a claim. The financial burden on the owner than becomes so much greater because lawyers have to get involved. Always have any contracts looked over by a personal solicitor before signing anything.

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