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Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is known by many names such as man lift, boom lift, hydraladder and basket crane. It aids in providing aerial assistance for people, and if you need an easy and convenient way to achieve some height and you do not want to put strain on yourself, you can rely on the hydraulic lifting system of the cherry picker. They are highly adjustable to help you achieve specificity and they are equipped with safety features that will always keep you away from harm when you do your work. There are different kinds of pickers available in the market. Each one of them can provide you the height you require, but they differ in the way they perform their functions.

Scissor Lift Cherry Picker

This type of cherry picker comes with a vertical platform. This platform offers rigidity and strength so that even if you are lifted up high, you can keep your balance and you can be sure that you are supported by something strong. If you need more than just height and you need to stay on top for a long time, perhaps to be able to clean or fix something, this kind of machine is going to be the perfect choice.

Boom Lift Cherry Picker

This is a large cherry picker, which can come up to as high as 17 meters, or even more. The truck that holds the crane is not as big as you would expect it to be, but it is exceptionally strong and robust. This type of crane is perfect if you need to reach or access really high areas. If you are looking to fix a clock tower or the roof of a tall building then a boom lift is what you need.

Creative Uses for a Cherry Picker

Owning a cherry picker is more of an investment than anything else. Once you understand the usefulness and versatility of this equipment, you will realize that it should be in every working man’s list.

• In the entertainment industry, it has been used when height is necessary in order to capture a scene from a different angle.

• When you need to hang Christmas lights and other decorative elements on roofs of buildings or ceilings of high establishments, you cannot expect that there is a ladder high enough to reach that kind of height. A cherry picker will help you install all the decoration you need to set up.

• It is also useful in different kinds of industries. It is useful to people who own a cleaning business, to engineers and construction workers, and even fire fighters. When their trucks can no longer serve their purpose, they can rely on a cherry picker to help them access an otherwise inaccessible area.

The usefulness of a cherry picker is not only limited to just picking fruits in farms and orchards. The cherry picker you intend to buy will be put to good use and will prove to be a good investment.

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