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Cherry Picker Jobs

Cherry Picker Jobs

If you are a skilled cherry picker operator, then you can choose to have a career as one. There are a lot of companies that look for licensed operators, and if you are one and you believe that you are capable of handling this very complicated machine, you should know that there are different jobs that you can apply for.

Different Cherry Picker Jobs Available

Looking for a job is not easy, but securing one is going to be important. There are all kinds of cherry picker jobs available in the market and if you have the right skill, you can try your luck and start as a cherry picker.

• Operator: As a cherry picker operator, you should have the license and certificate to be able to handle this equipment because cherry pickers are very complicated machines and you should be good at maneuvering it. You should have perfect knowledge in counterbalance, and be equipped with the knowledge on corrective and preventive maintenance guidelines because this is sometimes covered in the job description.

• Driver: As a cherry picker driver, you should have some cherry picker operating experience. Driving a cherry picker means that you are not really the one who stays on the “bucket” and stands on the platform, but you are the one who will maneuver the machine.

• Maintenance mechanic: As a maintenance mechanic, you will be required to carry specific licenses and certifications. However, it may be necessary for you to be knowledgeable on hydraulics, industrial refrigeration and electronics. As one, you are expected to facilitate repairs on doors, plates, ventilation equipment, heating, air conditioning and all sorts of electrical parts. You should have sufficient knowledge of the power transmission, brake and mechanical systems.

Cherry Picker Jobs and Licensing Requirements

As mentioned above, there are certain jobs that require applicants to carry a license. Since cherry pickers are quite complicated to use, you will need to be a skilled operator and this entails proper training. Licensing has been a requirement for quite some time now. A lot of the hard labor jobs in the society today require for workers to have the necessary certification before they can operate certain machines. To be able to secure the proper license, you will need to complete a training program that will enable you to operate all kinds of platforms. Finding a training center won’t be so difficult really since there are many of them here. This kind of certification is valid for five years, and apart from the right to operate a cherry picker, it comes with some amazing privileges.

Knowing Your Machine

As a worker, you will get to manipulate all kinds of equipment and if this is your thing, it is going to be very wonderful experience for you. You can choose to operate truck mounted booms, pick-up and van mounts, scissor lifts, articulating and telescoping booms, aerial work platforms, material and boom lifts as well as trailer mounts. There are also self-propelled cherry pickers available. In any case, knowing how to properly and safely operate the machine is necessary to be successful in any cherry picker job.

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