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Cherry Picker Licence

A cherry picker is a vehicle and, just like with other vehicles, it is necessary to have the proper qualifications to operate one. Smaller machines donít require a cherry picker licence. However some cherry pickers can be quite large and the self-propelled versions need a great level of skill to be able to manoeuvre them. There are also truck mounted cherry pickers and one definitely needs to have a cherry picker licence to be driving these around.

Driving any vehicle, even if itís just a car, takes some level of skill. One is not always going to be on a straight piece of road. There are things such as turning corners, switching lanes and parking which can present a challenge in small vehicles, much less one which is large and heavy and consequently will move differently. The driver has to make allowances for the size of the cherry picker and have a good grasp on in its measurements so that they can judge where it can and cannot go. These are things that one will learn while training to get a cherry picker licence. There are a number of schools where such instruction can be obtained.

A good school will offer training in both the theory and practice of driving a large machine. In order to get oneís cherry picker licence it is important to fully understand the vehicle and be prepared to handle it in a variety of situations. There are different types of cherry pickers and a student can decide to specialize in one type and get their cherry picker licence there or increase their marketability by learning how to drive several types of machines. In most cases there is a written exam at the end of the driving course to ensure that students are familiar with the laws and procedures for operation. One cannot get the cherry picker licence unless a practical exam is also passed.

Choosing a school may be a difficult process, depending on how many are in the area. If seeking a cherry picker licence for a specialized vehicle then there may only be a handful of places to go. A more popular cherry picker licence though is likely to be offered by more driving schools. How to pick one? While cost is always a factor, it shouldnít be the only selection criteria. People often make the mistake of choosing the lowest cost option, and end up sacrificing the quality of training. Given the nature of these machines, proper training is a must and companies will tend to hire those who have obtained their cherry picker licence from a reputable, well known institution.

Once one has passed the exams, one will be issued a certificate, which is the first step in getting the cherry picker licence. This can only be issued by the relevant government department and a driving test will be part of the process before the cherry picker licence is given out. All of this should have already been covered by the driving school so there should be no problems.

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