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Cherry Picker Software

Cherry Picker Software

We all know what a cherry picker is—it is slang term for someone who picks the best and the easiest cherries. But the term is being used not only to refer to a person, but also as a piece of machinery. Just recently however there is such a thing called the “cherry picker software,” It has nothing to do with the original purpose of a cherry picker, which is as a means to provide people access to unreachable places like telephone poles. But instead, it is a software program that can help anyone know the spots on Google where they can get free traffic.

All About the Cherry Picker Software

Internet marketing expert, Ryan Deiss, developed the Cherry Picker software. It is designed to help people who want to find a highly profitable niche on the Web. It can tell you what the top ranking websites are for a particular keyword as well as the number of backlinks that they have. The Cherry Picker software will only require you to enter the keywords and then it will return with a list of the highest-ranking websites for it, along with some information in regards to URLs, links to domains, page rank, and indexed pages.

What You’ll Get from the Cherry Picker Software

The software, once fully released, will be priced at $197, according to the Perpetual Traffic Report Formula. But at the moment, it is still in BETA and you can get a free copy. Aside from getting this awesome tool completely free of charge, you will also get a bonus, which Ryan Deiss calls “Google is Broken,” a free PDF report. You will also get a video along with the software that will help you understand how to use it.

Benefits of Using the Cherry Picker Software

It has been said that about 40,000 people downloaded the Cherry Picker software on the day of its release. And for good reason, too. Here are some of the known benefits of using this software:

• It’s free so you don’t need to pay a single dollar to use it.

• It’s easy to use and in just a minute or two you will be able to see the top 10 to 30 sites that you want to rank for with a specific keyword.

• You get to see the actual title tags to let you know the keywords that your competitors are trying to optimize.

• It will basically save you a lot of hours and lot of money doing market research.

Problems with the Cherry Picker Software

Apparently, the software is not perfect. For one, it works only for Google.com in the United States and won’t work for international Google sites. Moreover, there have been complaints from some people who have been unable to download the software from their computer. And lastly, at times, the software freezes when on search mode. But aside from these minor glitches though, the software seems to be a great choice for people who need help in Internet marketing.

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