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Cherry Picker Parts

Cherry Picker Parts

A cherry picker is considered an essential equipment for fixing light poles, power lines, and cable and telephone wires, as well as in cleaning windows of high-rise buildings. Similarly, cherry pickers are used for lifting people, luggage, and materials to high locations.

Basic Components of a Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is composed of several parts that function individually. It is important to know all the cherry picker parts so as to understand its functions, as well as the needed maintenance of each component.

• Base Stand Support – A cherry picker is operational when it is affixed or placed over a base stand support. Ideally, the base is made up of iron that is suited onto a carriage of a vehicle, whether a van, pick-up, or truck. The base is essential in maintaining balance, allowing easy movements.

• Vertical Boom – This part of the cherry picker is basically the lift or vertical boom, which lifts the equipment up and down. It allows people to reach required places that are usually high above the ground. The extent of the vertical lift varies from one type of cherry picker to another. The commercial types that are used in construction sites usually have longer lifts or vertical arms, while the domestic types have shorter boom lifts.

• Extension Arm – This cherry picker part enables access to desired location without moving or affecting the base support. It is highly efficient when ground base movement is not viable, and the required spot is directly inaccessible.

• Load Cart – Also called the safety box, it is found at the end of the extension arm. It serves as compartment for placing items, goods, and equipment, for storing needed tools for workers, and a safe place for the operator. The load capacity of the cart varies, depending on the design, power, and specific function of the machine.

• Engine – This part may vary based on the cherry picker type which can either be diesel, petrol, or electrical. Diesel engines provide utmost power, which is suitable for most construction jobs.

• Controls – Likewise known as the control box, which operates the cherry picker. It is maneuvered by the driver or operator, or even both, because some cherry pickers have duplicate controls within the load cart apart from the controls near the driver.

• Conveyer Vehicle – Mostly, a domestic cherry picker has wheels attached to the basement, whereas a commercial cherry picker has a conveyer vehicle or transport to move the equipment around.

Finding Cherry Picker Parts and Accessories

There are various manufacturers that sell cherry picker parts for replacement or repair purposes. Hirschmann and Diesel Head & Parts are just some of the many places to buy parts and accessories for a cherry picker. Most of these companies are reputable in the industry and you can trust that they provide quality products and excellent service.

Cherry Picker Maintenance

There are several cherry picker maintenance and repair companies that you can go to if your machine malfunctions. The repair and maintenance teams of these companies are well trained in evaluating and diagnosing problems as well as in keeping the machines in good condition.

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