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Electric Cherry Picker

Electric Cherry Picker

Cherry picker is the general term applied to aerial work platforms. It was first used in picking hard to reach fruits from trees. Now its use has expanded to utility, construction and other industries. The cherry pickers of the past were once operated by hydraulic pistons. Gas powered cherry picker are best for outdoor use, however, cherry pickers are now being used indoors as well. Indoor cherry pickers need to be a bit smaller because of the limited space. Since fuel powered hydraulic pistons are quite bulky and large in size, electric cherry pickers are preferred.

Fuel-powered vs. Electric Cherry Pickers

As previously stated, fuel-powered cherry pickers are ideal for outdoor use. It runs on either diesel or gasoline. This is so because the system has quite a loud noise and emits objectionable fumes when it is used. More and more people prefer to use the electric cherry picker because its movements can be consistently controlled. As opposed to the fuel-powered cherry picker, electric type makes the job easier because it can be plugged to an electrical outlet even when in use. Fuel-powered hydraulic lifts are also much heavier compared to its electric powered counterpart. Nevertheless, the choice in terms of what type of cherry picker to use must be on the suitability of the work to be done. The more conventional fuel-powered cherry picker can still compete with the modern electric cherry picker, performance-wise.

Users of Electric Cherry Picker

As mentioned, cherry pickers of the yesteryears were exclusively operated by fuel-powered hydraulic pistons. It was often used outdoors because of its noise and fumes. However, electric cherry pickers are being used both indoors and outdoors. Because it is equipped with a built-in charger, there is no danger of losing power. Most forklift cherry pickers in warehouses are electric powered. Trailer-mounted cherry pickers are currently electric powered. The hydraulic safety outriggers need to be powered by electricity so it will not take as much time to set up. It is commonly used in construction sites and even for putting up Christmas lights. Window washers and painters also utilize electric cherry pickers.

Benefits of Using Electric Cherry Pickers

• Movement is consistently controlled and electric powered cherry pickers operate smoothly. There are no jerking movements when it is being used.

• The job becomes less of a hassle because it is easier to control. You simply press the switch to control movements.

• Lots of time can be saved when the job is accomplished faster. There is no need for a manual set-up. In a matter of minutes, the cherry picker can be used already. For instance, a cherry picker trailer with electric powered outriggers can be in place within a few minutes. That means more time for productive work.

• Costs are reduced since the job is finished in a shorter period of time.

• It is safer to use and injuries are eliminated. Crushed hand injuries are avoided because there is no added manpower needed. The cherry picker is automatically set up without any help.

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