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Cherry Picker Truck

Cherry Picker Truck

A cherry picker truck is a truck that has a crane and a working platform that enables it to lift people up and down for them to be able to access areas that cannot be reached with the use of a ladder. These trucks are used in many industries for several different applications. Also known as a bucket truck, this type of utility vehicle is quite versatile and is also customizable to meet specific needs and requirements.

Uses of a Cherry Picker Truck

A cherry picker truck is a common fixture in our streets and highways, and here are some of its most popular uses:

• It is used to maintain telecommunication lines.
• It is used to maintain electricity lines.
• It is used to clean windows in tall buildings.
• It is used to trim trees.
• It is used to pick fruits from tall trees.
• It is used to rescue animals that are trapped on the trees and other high places.
• It is used to hang decorations such as Christmas lights on a tall tree.
• It is used to aid workers when painting the exteriors of a building or a house.
• It is used during fire rescue operations to get people out of a building.
• It is used during stage performances such as concerts.

Buying a Cherry Picker Truck

Before you decide to purchase a cherry picker truck, it is important that you learn everything you can about it first so that you can decide on what you really need. There are different types of cherry pickers. There are those that lift people up and down and there are also those that lift them from side to side. The boom type raises the “bucket” up and down, while the scissor lift raises it vertically. They also range from being self-propelled, truck mounted, and van mounted, and just recently, manufacturers have come up with a more advanced cherry picker which can work even in rough terrains. Lastly, you can also choose from diesel powered and battery powered cherry pickers. Take note though that if you are looking for a heavy duty cherry picker, they are the ones that run on diesel power.

Renting a Cherry Picker Truck

Buying a cherry picker truck is only ideal for those who need it on a regular basis, such as a cable TV company or a phone company. However, if you only need to use it for a particular project such as to fix the roof of your house, then it would be a good idea to just rent the cherry picker truck. You probably know how expensive a cherry picker truck is so unless you will need it for business purposes, you can save a lot of money just by renting it. There are tool rental companies and truck rental companies that have cherry pickers that you can rent. Before you operate it though, make sure that you fully understand its safety guidelines to avoid any untoward incident from happening.

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