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Cherry Picker FAQs

Cherry Picker FAQs

If you are interested to buy a cherry picker, it is recommended that you do your own research about this piece of machinery first before you start your shopping. You can find plenty of cherry picker FAQs on the Internet that can truly help answer your questions and give you plenty of useful information about it.

What is a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is basically a type of crane machinery that can be mounted to a truck so that a person can reach high areas, which cannot be reached by an ordinary ladder. As its name suggests, a cherry picker was originally designed as a means to help people pick fruits from trees. Although this function is still popular today, a cherry picker is also being used for a variety of purposes not associated to agriculture. Phone and electric companies make use of cherry pickers to install or repair cables and wires high up in the poles. The same is also true for those who do business in construction.

Where Can I Buy a Cherry Picker?

One of the most common cherry picker FAQs that people come across with is about where they can purchase this machine. You can find many stores that sell new as well as used cherry pickers. There are several websites online that supply cherry picker machines, and websites like eBay and Amazon have a few of them listed. It is always best that you go with a reputable company that can guide you on how to properly use a cherry picker, especially if you have never used or owned one before. And for those who don’t want to spend on such machine, there is also an option to rent and you can call companies like Sunbelt Rentals or United Rentals and inquire about their rates.

How Much is a Cherry Picker?

One thing you need to know is that a cherry picker is anything but cheap. However, if in case you will be putting up a business that requires the use of a cherry picker or if you think you will be using it quite often, then buying one is also a wise decision. Take note that it costs an average of $250 per day to rent this machine so if you will be using it very often such as for a large industrial project then it would make sense to just buy one. The prices vary for these machines and it would usually depend on the machine’s capacity and features but generally, heavy duty cherry picker prices start at $10,000 and can cost as much as $100,000. However, mini cherry pickers ideal for personal use are much cheaper, at around $200.

What are the Top Brands Available?

Of course, people would want to know what the top-selling brands are, which is why this is something that they’d want to find out from cherry picker FAQs. The good news is that majority of the cherry picker brands in the market today are quite reliable due to many advancements in technology. Some of the most well-respected brands are Genie, Generic, Northern Industrial, Vestil, and Spitzlift.

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