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Cherry Picker Insurance

The proliferation of cherry pickers in an increasing number of jobs has led to quite a few accidents. Is it that cherry pickers are inherently dangerous? To the contrary - cherry pickers are actually one of the safest methods of working at heights. So what is it then? Well, the simple fact is that accidents happen. It can be due to neglect or inexperience on the part of the operator. It can be due to unsafe practices at the workplace. Or it can be due to mechanical failure of the machinery. Cherry pickers are machines after all and parts are subjected to wear and tear. Thatís why cherry picker insurance is so important.

Cherry picker insurance is critical when it comes to saving money in case of an accident. The cost of repairs, and any liability payments, can be exorbitant. Having to pay that for himself can be overwhelming for a contractor. One may not even know how to go about getting things in order. It is important to note though that cherry picker insurance doesnít come cheap. This is especially so for those who own a fleet of cherry pickers, either for their own use or for rental purposes.

Most owners choose to invest in cherry picker insurance because of the security and peace of mind that it gives. Itís not just about the money, although it is great knowing that one doesnít have to fork out a lump sum. The cherry picker insurance company is responsible for damage repair and, quite frankly, the headache belongs to them. Insurance companies have their image and reputation to protect. Thatís how they get clients and make their money. Theyíre not going to want to become known as a company that doesnít pay out on claims. Whoís going to want to do business with them then?

Thatís not saying that theyíre going to just roll over where money is concerned. Every cherry picker insurance company will have their own investigators who will visit the scene of the accident to determine the cause. Only when the investigation is over will they pay anything. Thatís why one needs to read the fine print of any cherry picker insurance contract. Most firms will refuse to pay if the accident occurred as a result of negligence or unsafe practices. Why should they? The accident wasnít their fault and it could have been avoided.

When choosing a cherry picker insurance company, it is important that one does a great deal of shopping around. While insurance companies will try to protect their reputation, some of them donít have very good reputations to start with. They saddle customers with hidden terms and conditions and their overall service is unsatisfactory. The poor cherry picker can then be burdened by extra costs because they must now hire a lawyer to deal with the cherry picker insurance company. Donít be afraid to ask questions and pay attention to reviews. If one already has a lawyer, it is within oneís rights to have them look over any contracts before signing.

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