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Cherry Picker Maintenance

Regardless of whether one has a new machine or a used one, cherry picker maintenance is essential for its continued functioning and efficiency. The key is finding a company which is well suited for handling oneís cherry picker maintenance needs.


Any reputable cherry picker maintenance company will have been around for a while and should have a number of satisfied customers. The best way to evaluate the suitability of a cherry picker maintenance company is to know what those people think about the services theyíve been provided with. If one can get into contact with any such person directly, do it. Otherwise one may need to rely on reviews posted online.


A cherry picker maintenance company should only be populated by people who have experience and are trained to work on these types of machines. Remember that itís not just engines and suspension systems that need to be serviced. Itís also the hydraulic system of the lifts. Therefore an ordinary car mechanic wonít do. This becomes especially crucial when dealing with refurbished material, which is sometimes used to cut down on costs.

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What exactly is one is paying for? Is it the convenience of knowing that someone will be visiting the premises regularly to check on the machinery? Or is one dealing with a company who will only send out someone when something has gone wrong. All of these machines need proper cherry picker maintenance and a part of that means monitoring their efficiency. This can only be done if trained persons examine the cherry pickers to ensure that they are in good working order. This is especially important in the case of larger cherry pickers which cannot be transported as easily as some of the smaller self-propelled units.


It is essential that a cherry picker maintenance company assign a particular employee as a point of contact in case of an emergency. This isnít only applicable to accidents. Cherry pickers can have a number of mechanical and electrical problems including a loss of power. Money will be lost on each day that the machine is not in operation. Therefore, it is important that any repairs be carried out as quickly as possible. Having a contact person assigned will speed up the process. They will be able to issue orders, pull up cherry picker maintenance records, and designate workers who will be responsible for the actual repair process.


Many times a contractor or company using a cherry picker might be forced to work outside of regular hours. What if a breakdown happens then? Will the cherry picker maintenance company be able to respond and what will the charges be? Some cherry picker maintenance services work on contract. This means that a monthly fee is paid and that covers everything that they might be called upon to do, minus the cost of parts of course. Not all companies work like this and some charge separate fees for each job done. They also tend to charge extra for after hour call outs so one needs to know this up front in order to determine which service to hire.

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