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Cherry Picker Trucks

Cherry Picker Trucks

A cherry picker was initially intended for use in orchards to aid fruit pickers in reaching fruits that are hanging high up in tall trees. But today, this piece of equipment has evolved greatly and is now being used for a wide range of purposes such as in the installation and repair of telephone cables and electrical wirings. You also see cherry pickers in the streets as these are widely used tools and oftentimes, they are attached to trucks known as cherry picker trucks.

Understanding Cherry Picker Trucks

Cherry picker trucks, otherwise known as boom lift trucks, are the type of vehicles commonly used in construction. A heavy-duty boom lift is attached to a large truck so that it can be used as a mobile crane and are thus referred to as cherry picker trucks. Among the most popular manufacturers today are Mitsubishi, Hino, and Isuzu. This type of truck comes with a cab that provides a place where the driver can sit and operate on the “lift” and it also has a bucket where a worker can stand on or where a hoist can be placed. These trucks range from around $50,000 to $150,000 or even higher. Regardless of what people would call it—cherry picker truck, boom lift truck, or even bucket truck, this type of utility vehicle is used to aid people in doing vertical work.

Cherry Picker Trucks vs. Cranes

Although oftentimes mistaken for a crane, a cherry picker truck is a different vehicle entirely. The former refers to the devices that are used to lift and move materials from one place to another and it makes use of cables, ropes, and chains that are connected to a winder. A cherry picker truck, on the other hand, makes use of hydraulic lifts in order to lift workers to a high area such as telephone poles. Cherry picker trucks are usually capable of lifting objects weighing somewhere between 300 lbs to 1800 lbs but cranes are more capable of lifting the highest load capacity.

Common Uses of Cherry Picker Trucks

As mentioned previously, you would most likely find cherry picker trucks utilized by phone and cable companies. But aside from this, you would also find common uses for this type of truck among construction companies wherein the trucks are being attached to a hoist in the rear end. For those in the construction manufacturing business, the cherry picker trucks that they use usually have a pipe that comes with a nozzle, which are then used to pump concrete. Your local fire department also has a cherry picker truck, which is outfitted with a large container that can fit firefighters and allow them to reach the top floors of tall buildings.

Should You Buy a Cherry Picker Truck?

Before you invest on this vehicle, it is very important to really determine if it’s going to be a worthy investment. A cherry picker truck costs a fortune so unless you really have a long-term need for one, it is better to simply rent. It is also necessary to learn more about the safety and legal aspects of buying and owning a cherry picker truck.

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