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Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Picker Hire

Today, a lot of people have DIY projects for their homes or businesses and when tasks need some leverage, many of them would resort to using a cherry picker. This equipment can help you reach certain heights safely. Most DIY experts prefer to use cherry pickers in lieu of industrial ladders and scaffolding. For most people, buying equipment can be expensive and at times, impractical. And this is why many would prefer a cherry picker hire instead of buying this machine, since it will save them a lot of money in the process.

Cherry Pickers and Crew for Hire

With safety issues in mind, most people would prefer a cherry picker hire that has its own machine operators. Only professionals with proper training and certification are allowed to operate these machines which is why a lot of renters would go with a company that have operators that you can also hire. A trained crew is equipped with the knowledge in operating the equipment safely and efficiently.

Average Cost of Cherry Picker Hire

A cherry picker hire may vary in rates, types, and models. A 40-foot cherry picker usually costs $120 to $175 per day, or $300 to $450 per week. Moreover, different types of cherry pickers like the telescopic boom lift may cost roughly $250 per day or $1000 per week. Ideally, this type of equipment can reach up to 120 feet in height and considerably the largest cherry picker available today. On the other hand, the articulating boom lift may cost around $300 per day or about $1100 per week. This type of cherry picker hire is more costly since it has a hinged arm, which is capable of bending or adjusting in order to move around obstacles like tree branches and power lines.

Apparently, a cherry picker can also be rented on an hourly basis, and the current rate is about $40. Most companies offer certified crew or operators that range from $40 to $80 per hour, depending on the number of crew needed. Other companies impose additional charges on the delivery and pick-up of their equipment. Consequently, hiring cherry pickers does not necessitate any cash deposits if they are driven and operated by the rental company’s own staff and crew.

What You Can Expect from a Cherry Picker Hire

Some rental companies offer product and/or service packages with fixed rates. There are cherry picker rentals that always entail a particular size of work force, operators, and even additional staff. Cherry pickers for hire are ideal in construction sites, factories, and warehouses, even for home projects or residential use. Some of the common functions of a cherry picker include tree access, roof and gutter work, maintenance of power lines, cable, and telephone wire repair, TV aerial repair, pet rescue, decorating and painting jobs, and just about anything that require the use of cranes and ladders. Indeed, a cherry picker can be very useful in accomplishing awkward tasks that require access to heights through a platform and if you need to use one, you can simply opt to hire a cherry picker.

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