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Types of Cherry Pickers

Most people have seen a cherry picker in some form or the other, even though they might not have recognized it as such. Thatís because itís easy to think that the only place one can find them is in an orchard. After all, thatís what Ďcherry pickerí sound like. This was the main use for most types of cherry pickers at one point, but no anymore. Cherry pickers are used by a lot of professions because they have such a range in their design and characteristics nowadays.

Some types of cherry pickers are quite basic and can be powered by a system of levers. Most need some form of a motor in order to operate though. Several of the modern engines can be affixed to almost all types of cherry pickers. These include petrol powered, diesel operated and electrical engines. Hybrid engines are also available as a power source. The most common is the diesel engine, partly because it is one of the cheaper types of fuel. These motors tend to be quite noisy though, and they can produce a lot of fumes. There is an option to have a certain type of hybrid engine that is capable of switching between two types of power sources such as diesel and electricity.

If one is even considering hiring a cherry picker then consultation with a supplier is essential to finding the right one. Thatís because all types of cherry pickers are capable of accommodating a wide collection of modifications and accessories. These differences in their basic design is one of the bases on which the different types of cherry pickers are differentiated. Control systems, power panels and other safety features tend to be the areas with the most variable properties. Letís look at some of the basic types of cherry pickers.

Unpowered Lifts:

As the name suggests, unpowered lifts have no internal source of power. They are in no need of any particular power source such as a fuel engine or electrically powered motors since they can be pushed into place. One can well imagine that this puts a limit on the complexity and size of these types of cherry pickers. Unpowered lifts usually take the form of small scissor and personnel lifts. However, large unpowered lifts do exist. They would have to be moved by means of a crane or similar machinery though.

Self-Propelled Lifts:

Self-propelled lifts are defined as those types of cherry pickers which are capable of moving on their own power. Many of the larger models are like this and it is legal to drive them on the roads. Though capable of moving quite efficiently, the extended arm of the lift may produce an imbalance if in use and this will serve to reduce the speed of the lift. However, the mere fact that these types of cherry pickers can move and donít require extra time and resources being spent on getting into place is one of its biggest advantages.

Vehicle Mounted Lifts:

As the name suggests, these types of cherry pickers are made to be attached to some sort of vehicle. The most common are trucks but that doesnít mean that they canít be mounted to just about any vehicle, including vans and railway cars.

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