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Van Mounted Cherry Picker

Van mounted cherry pickers. It doesnít sound very impressive, and yet this type of machinery is used to perform such a wide range of jobs. Van mounted cherry pickers belong to the class of vehicle mounted cherry pickers. These are, as the name suggests, attached to a vehicle and rely on this to be moved around. Perhaps the most common means of transportation are trucks but van mounted cherry pickers, although somewhat smaller, are often underestimated when it comes to their functionality.

Van mounted cherry pickers were originally designed for picking fruit. One would suppose that cherries were included in this and contributed to the name. They are still used for this purpose today on a variety of fruit trees, from citrus to other varieties. They are especially useful on medium sized trees. Of course it would be cheaper to just use a stick and whack at the fruit until it falls, but then who would want to buy it?

Another industry which employs the frequent use of van mounted cherry pickers is the maintenance department of most major cities around the world. As already stated, van mounted cherry pickers tend to be smaller than their truck mounted counterparts. This is a simple case of mechanics as most vans would not be able to transport huge machines. As such, van mounted cherry pickers arenít the preferred choice for places such as fire departments, but they are in use in cases where larger lifts arenít appropriate. The extendable arm also means that they are useful for maintenance workers who have to work at an average height.

Van mounted cherry pickers come with a lot of modifications and additional accessories these days. This has lead to a number of options becoming available on the market. All van mounted cherry pickers however operate on some basic physics principles involving hydraulics. Thereís no need to go into details here. It will suffice to say that a liquid is used, usually oil, to transfer force from one area to another, leading to extension and movement of the arm. The same principle is used in the braking system of most automobiles.

Another modified feature of van mounted cherry pickers is the dual control system. One control is installed at the base of the machine, while the other is installed on the mobile platform. The latter is supposed to provide the person being lifted with some level of autonomous control. Alternatively, they can be aided in their task by a second operator since their hands might be taken up by other tasks.

Van mounted cherry pickers can be modified to complete a number of jobs. They can even be altered so that they can carry heavier or lighter loads as needed. However, because of the very nature of these machines, there is a limit to how much they can carry. Approved loads should never be exceeded. Knowing exactly what a particular task entails will help in determining whether van mounted cherry pickers will suffice or if their truck mounted cousins are needed.

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