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Caterpillar Track Cherry Picker

While all cherry pickers can be used in a variety of situations, there are some cases where specialised equipment is needed. Caterpillar track cherry pickers are an example of this. These are cherry pickers which have been outfitted with caterpillar tracks instead of tires. This gives them a greater level of stability on uneven ground and so prevents tipping over. Caterpillar track cherry pickers are typically used in places where others, such as truck mounted cherry pickers, cannot access. This type of cherry picker is usually large and can be found at a number of construction sites around the country. Depending on the job to be done, it may become necessary to buy or rent a caterpillar cherry picker. Before doing so one needs to thinks about a few things.


Caterpillar track cherry pickers are usually large machines. As such, they require a qualified person to move them. Depending on the size of the machine, they may only be driven by someone with a cherry picker licence. The very name of these machines indicates that they are self-propelled. Why put caterpillar tracks on a cherry picker if itís going to be mounted on another vehicle? The firm from which one is accessing the caterpillar track cherry picker will not provide a driver, although they may keep the machine on the lot for a few days until one takes possession of it. If one needs the machine right away, ensure that a qualified operator is available.


When buying, or renting, a caterpillar track cherry picker it is important to pay attention to oneís budget. Remember that these machines are specialised and designed to work in specific areas. As such, they are likely to be expensive. They are also typically very large and therefore not suited to being stored at a small construction site for long periods of time. The cost of caterpillar track cherry pickers depends on a number of factors.

This includes the model as certain models may come with extra modifications. It also includes the length of time that the cherry picker is needed if one is renting. Be sure to estimate the likely duration of the job as well as can be expected. Caterpillar cherry pickers are usually rented on a daily basis so one doesnít want to pay for additional days that end up not being used. Also take into consideration the fact that there may be late fees associated if the job cannot be finished in the allotted time and the machine needs to be kept for an extra day.


If one is buying a caterpillar track cherry picker, it is important to do so from a firm which offers after sales support. There should be a warranty period during which any mechanical failures can be dealt with free of cost. In addition, legal requirement states that such machinery must be inspected at regular intervals, usually six months. A reputable firm will usually have engineers on their staff that can carry out the inspections of the caterpillar track cherry picker.

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