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Cherry Picker for Rent

Cherry Picker for Rent

Cherry pickers are machines with extendable arms and elevated platforms. It is always useful in many kinds of tasks that require heavy loads and heights. More often than not, a cherry picker comes in handy for those who do business in utility and construction. But it can also be used for certain projects, big or small.

Advantages of Cherry Picker for Rent

A cherry picker can be very expensive and the truth is only few can afford to purchase this equipment. Besides, many people and companies only need cherry pickers on a per-project basis and it wouldn’t be logical to buy something so expensive and only use it on certain occasions. Hence, it would be better to opt for a cherry picker for rent. Renting a cherry picker is the perfect solution for those who do not want to purchase this machine but still need to use it for a particular project.

Factors Affecting Rental Rates

There are factors that affect the price of the cherry picker for rent, which is why it’s important to identify your specific needs prior to choosing a certain model. You need to know exactly what you need to accomplish before you head out to the rental company so that you’d know the specifications and features you need. The more powerful and specialized cherry pickers have high rental fees so you need to be familiar with the available types of cherry picker for rent and their specific functions and characteristics.

• Personnel Lifts – This type of cherry picker is ideal when only a person carrying minimal equipment needs to be lifted. It has the smallest platform and basket among all the types of a cherry picker. It is portable, making it perfect for household purposes, indoor use, and small-scale tasks.

• Scissor Lifts – These machines are highly capable of carrying heavier weights for long periods of time. This cherry picker for rent usually has a wider platform plus a supporting machinery feature. However, this type of cherry picker is only capable of vertical movements.

• Boom Lifts – This type of equipment is highly capable of making both vertical and horizontal movements, making it more advantageous than the personnel and scissor lifts. It is more capable of reaching high places, and it is typically available in mounted and self-propelled models.

Where to Find a Cherry Picker for Rent

There are several cherry picker rental companies that do business throughout the United States, and most of them have websites. Each company offers a variety of rates for their cherry picker rentals based on types, rental duration, deliver and pick-up fees, and other charges. Some of the well-known rental companies include Independent Aerial Equipment (IAE), Blakley Equipment, and Pride Equipment Corporation. Most of these companies provide cherry picker for rent and other related services in Delaware, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, and other locations. Bear in mind that while majority of these rental companies offer good service and high quality machines, there are also those that are best avoided, so choose wisely.

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