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Where to Rent a Cherry Picker

Where to Rent a Cherry Picker

Aside from agricultural purposes in orchards and farms, a cherry picker is also used for other exterior tasks such as paint jobs, window cleaning and wire installations. They have become rather popular and useful, given their flexibility and durability. Cherry pickers are large pieces of equipment that can be considerably expensive. This means that not all companies have the capability of investing such a large amount of money. That’s the reason why people choose to rent cherry pickers, rather than buying them.

Places to Rent Cherry Pickers

If you want to know where to rent a cherry picker, you must first identify the purpose of using this equipment. Cherry pickers are mostly used in construction sites, repairing crews and other types of assignment, such as window cleaning. Even to this day, people use smaller cherry pickers when it comes time to harvest fruits in farms and orchards. A cherry picker can be operated by one or two people at the most. This basically means that the handling of the machine isn’t too complicated. When looking where to rent a cherry picker, you may surf the websites of various rental companies and use the branch locator to find your nearest agency. Most cherry picker companies, such as JLG and Randall Industries, will have detailed information on where to find a branch. You can also search from state to state, or select your location and find the results on the nearest rental agency, where you can hire your cherry picker machine.

Tips When Renting a Cherry Picker

The first advice to take into consideration when renting a cherry picker is to look around before choosing a contractor. Once you have done this, you will have a list of possible contractors to compare. It’s also important that you’re aware of the specific needs of your project. This will simplify a lot of things when requesting pricing quotes from the different cherry picker rental agencies. As you have probably noticed, cherry picker models vary in height and weight capacities, and operate on different types of power. The minimum height for most cherry pickers is 20 feet, and the maximum height cab reach 150 feet, depending on the rental agency.

Rates and Local Agencies

When looking where to rent a cherry picker, the rental price may vary, with a minimum of $100 per hour, and a maximum of $600 on a weekly rental basis. This depends on the type of cherry picker and the time that you will be using the machine.You may compare rental rates and other additional services of the different companies, before you decide where to rent a cherry picker. In certain areas, the rental company will provide the delivery and pickup services of the cherry picker to your location at no additional cost. Other rental companies will charge for this service, and they will also require you to purchase cherry picker insurance. Betweeninsurance and delivery fees, you might be looking at an additional $200 to the total bill. Be sure to discuss these terms and fees with all the possible contractors, before choosing one cherry picker.

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