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Cherry Picker for Rent

Cherry Picker for Rent

A cherry picker, which is also known as a man lift or boom lift, in some places might be referred to as a basket crane. It’ssort of an aerial platform that can be used for several purposes aside from transporting heavy objects and people. A cherry picker for rent can come in different sizes, and usually varies in height and weight capacities. It can be mounted at the back of a truck or pickup van, where there is a bucket or a platform designed to be used by a single person. You will find the controls at the base of the truck, and within the bucket, which will allow the operator to manage the cherry picker. Other than heavy duty construction purposes, a cherry picker is also used for other tasks such as:

• Painting
• Window cleaning
• Repairs and maintenance on utility poles for cable service and telephone lines
• Other electrical equipment

Different Types of Cherry Pickers

Since the cherry picker,or boom lift, for rent is used for several purposes, there are different types of equipment that allow the user to work efficiently on specific tasks. For example, an electrically insulated cherry picker is designed and built with fiber glass insulation, hydraulic hoses that are nonconductive, and control mechanisms made with fiber optic cables. This type of cherry picker is used by electricians and technicians to reduce ground fault. Engine powered cherry pickers are also commonly used for exterior purposes, allowing the person on the platform to be transported to the desired height faster than other types of man lifts. In addition, you will also find several types of cherry pickers that need to be pushed onto place; these are widely known as unpowered lifts.

Where to Rent Cherry Pickers

There are numerous popular rental companies that offer different models of cherry pickers for rent. Once you have determined the type of cherry picker that you need, you can begin searching for rental companies in your vicinity, such as United Rentals and Ahern. Most of the large rental companies have hundreds of branches in the country. By logging in to their website, you can search for the closest branch by zip code. Home improvement service providers also offer cherry picker rentals; it’s advisable to quote prices from at least three contractors before hiring one.

Before Renting a Cherry Picker

Since there are several companies that offer cherry pickers for rent, the prices may vary depending on your location. Moreover, there are additional fees that are often charged separately. For example, contractors will most likely charge extra for the delivery and pickup of the cherry picker to your location. This can easily add between $100 and $150 to the total bill. It’s highly advisable that you inquire about these fees with each company. You ought to contact them and compare prices prior to choosing one of them. Prices will also vary depending on the height and weight capacity of the cherry picker. Normally, if the cherry picker is large then the price will be a tad higher.

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