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Cherry Picker Rental Prices

Cherry Picker Rental Prices

In today’s market, there are different types of cherry pickers available for rent. Before choosing one type,first determine the amount of work and the load that needs lifting. Doing so, will help you determine the specific type of cherry picker that will work best for your project. Before renting the machinery, ask around the different rental companies; make sure to compare their prices and services that are included in every deal. By specifically identifying your need for the cherry picker, you will have a better idea on how much money will be needed for the successful completionof the project.

Great Deals for Cherry Picker Rental

Whether for home or industrial use, cherry picker rental deals are widely available from companies operating across the country. There are a few deals that you may want to consider when renting a cherry picker. A 40-foot cherry picker rental could cost you:

• $200 if rented for a day
• $600 if rented for a week
• $1800 if rented for a month

On the other hand, a 125-foot cherry picker rental could settle for the following rates:

• $1000 if rented for a day
• $3000 if rented for a week
• $6000 if rented for a month

The price quoted above will also vary depending on the make and model of the cherry picker selected. Keep in mind this is an average of the price offered in the current market. The best way to obtain a fixed and current price is by contacting the cherry picker rental agency directly.

Cherry Picker Rental Process

Locating a cherry picker rental agency can be quite easy. You can start by asking for referrals from your friends and acquaintances. They may be able to provide a positive or negative feedback on the contractors they hired.In addition, there are online agencies that will set up possible deals on your behalf, by filling out a form on their site. You can specify the length of time, the size, and the type of the cherry picker. The agency will then contact you with the possible contractors that may meet your requirements.The decision of which company to choose is entirely up to you. You will have the freedom to compare prices and additional services, to see which ones works the best for your project.

Who Should Operate a Cherry Picker?

Cherry picker rentals are very much like car rentals; they come in packages where a driver or operator may be provided. A truck-mounted cherry picker may be rented with an operator, at least most of the time. Hence, it happens to be a tad more expensive to rent. The smaller cherry pickers, such as boom lifts and scissor lifts, can be easily handledby your own operators. Nonetheless, it’s extremely important that you count with an experienced cherry picker operator in your team. Heavy equipment operation requires knowledge and proper troubleshooting, to decrease the risk of accidents. Therefore, an operator should have the technical knowhow and capability of operating a cherry picker, even in distressing situations.

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