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Cherry Picker Rentals

Cherry Picker Rentals

Rental companies are everywhere, depending on what you’re looking for. Cherry pickers are one of the most common equipment rented, since they can come very much in handy. There are large rental companies that provide the most extensive availability of cherry pickers. You, as the customer, will determine the type of cherry picker that you need. This is usually based on the length and type of the project where the cherry picker will be used.

Different Cherry Pickers, Different Purposes

When working at a height, renting the right cherry picker will always be crucial. Always determine the exact height that you will be working on,this way, the rental company will be able to provide you the exact cherry picker that you need. Some of the most common types of cherry pickers are the following:

• Personnel Lifts – this is a small platform that is capable of carrying a single person in its bucket. It’s quite faster and more portable because of its size. It’s normally used for small scaled jobs.

• Scissor Lifts – this can bear a much larger amount of weight for a longer time. Their platforms are not too large, but they happen to be wider than the personnel lifts.

• Boom Lifts – the advantage of this type of cherry picker is that it can be maneuvered horizontally and vertically. This will actually reach areas that the other lifts can’t. It’s highly adaptable and fast for its size.

Renting Equipment &Cherry Pickers

Renting the proper cherry picker for your project will save you time and money. The best way to start your cherry picker rental task is by requesting an estimated quote, from at least three different rental agencies. The main reason behind this is the fact that they might offer deals that you aren’t aware of.Rental companies for large equipment have grown over the past years, because of the rising demand for cherry pickers. Some of these companies will offer to deliver and pick upthe cherry picker; most of the time this will incur an additional fee. When this takes place, it’s highly advisable that you inspect the equipment to make sure everything is working perfectly.Certainly, total rental charges may vary from company to company, and also depend on the additional fees.

Safety and Insurance

When it comes time to calculate the total cherry picker rental cost, there are additional fees that need to be discussed with the rental agency. For example, there are some companies that offer an operator along with the cherry picker. This will pretty much double the cost of your rental. However, you must not forget the importance of having a highly trained operator to handle your cherry picker. There are also insurance fees associated with your rental; depending on your location, you might be obligated by the law to pay for the insurance. You will find that some companies include the insurance fee in the original quoted price. Be sure to compare the total prices before signing any binding contract. Paying for the insurance will only give you added security, and peace of mind.

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