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Where Can I Rent a Cherry Picker

Where Can I Rent a Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is basically a platform, which is lifted up in the air with a bucket in the end, throughthe use of hydraulic pumps. It’s very helpful when a job is needed in hard to reach places. If you need a cherry picker to perform just a few jobs, it’s far more economical to rent one, rather than purchase one. There are a few things you need to consider before renting a cherry picker:

• Find out what type of cherry picker you will need. This can be determined by the demands of your project.

• Have in mind that you might need to hire a cherry picker operator.

Renting a Cherry Picker

When it comes time to go forward with your cherry picker rental, there are a few places where you can check for equipment. Keep in mind that local agencies might be selling cherry pickers rather than renting them. Nonetheless, you may still contact them to find out about the rental prices.The following are tips on where to look when searching for a cherry picker rental agency:

• Your local yellow pages can be a reliable source of information. Most construction companies and contractors are in need of this type of equipment. You may also check your local newspaper for advertisements.

• If you are aware of the exact location of any cherry picker rental agency, be sure to stop by and inquire about total prices.

• Check the internet. Perhaps it’s the most efficient way to search for agencies, since it will save you a load of time and money.

• Don’t be afraid to request recommendations from friends and family members. Remember that the word of mouth is the oldest, cheapest and best form of advertising. If your neighbors, friends or relatives have had a good experience with a specific contractor, chances are they will recommend them to you.

Tips on Renting

If you decide to check your local yellow pages, make sure to make a list of the companies that are closest to you. Try to call as many cherry picker rental agencies as you can, this will improve your chances of finding a reliable yet affordable agency. Always check and confirm the price offered; at times, there might be misunderstandings with varying prices. Every rental company has different prices to offer; contact every one of them separately, and later compare quoted prices. Aside from the prices, check on the quality of equipment they have available for you. Make sure to ask about insurance coverage and fees.

Things to Do After Deciding Where to Rent

After deciding which cherry picker model to rent, be sure to inspect the equipment when it arrives at your project site. It’s highly advisable to inspect damages in order to avoid any additional charges. Be sure to discuss insurance rates prior to signing any agreement with the rental company. Also, make sure your staff has a cherry picker operator that will handle the machine. If this isn’t the case, you may contact the rental agency again and ask them to assign you a trained operator. Keep in mind that this will add another charge to your total bill.

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