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Cherry Picker Rental

Cherry Picker Rental

Cherry picker rental has become more and more popular among the different construction and repairing industries. These machines take up on the task of elevating lifts to hard-to-reach areas. A cherry picker may be used by the fire department, telephone companies and window cleaning companies. They are also widely used by construction companies, which performa large number of projects. Sometimes, they might be in need of repairing the roof of a house, or perhaps the windows of a building.

What is a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is lifting device operated by a hydraulic system, which performs aerial tasks at varying heights. They are usually employed by companies to make repairs, installation or maintenance on buildings. Thanks to today’s technology, there is a wide variety of cherry pickers available for different types of tasks. Some of them are small and need to be pushed onto place, while others have a motor and can be self-propelled.

Types of Cherry Picker Rental

• Personnel Lifts – These cherry pickers are widely used to transport a single individual from the top to bottom and vice versa, generally used for jobs with limited purposes, such as a household repair.

• Scissor Lifts – These cherry pickers are perfect for medium-weight jobs. Usually, they are equipped with a wide platform, which is mounted on a scissor-like mechanism.

• Boom lifts – These cherry pickers are the type of equipment that enables horizontal and vertical movement.

Operations of a Cherry Picker

The operation of mounted cherry pickers is quick, easy and precise, with the use of reliable operational controls for lifting and moving upwards. They are generally easy to set up, cost efficient and are commonly used as a safe alternative for ladders. However, mounted cherry pickers can only reach areas that are visible. Self-propelled cherry pickers, on the other hand, are usually easier to manage and are utilized for reaching confined areas. Self-propelled cherry pickers are used for small spaces and general cleaning purposes, such as industrial window cleaning.

Uses for Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers were originally designed for the harvest of cherries in high and hard to reach areas. The employment of the machines was so useful that industrial companies saw the need to expand its operations. They proceeded to improve them with the most current technology, until they reached what we have today.Cherry pickers are now used in the installation of telephone and cable wires. Additionally, they are used by large companies for decorating purposes during the holidays. Perhaps you have noticed how most seasonal banners are placed using rented cherry pickers. Most industrial cleaning companies use cherry pickers for window cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, the most common use for cherry pickers is for construction sites; there is always a need to transport heavy materials, which otherwise wouldn’t be moved at all. Cherry pickers have also become quite popular in the entertainment field as well; proof of this was when Michael Jackson popularized his entrances and performances, by dancing while being moved by a cherry picker from left to right, leaving the crowd mesmerized and electrified.

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