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Cherry Picker Hire Chicago

Cherry Picker Hire Chicago

Chicago has become one of the most popular cities in the United States. With a downtown area that was rebuilt after a raging fire in the late 1800s, the city is now booming more than ever. Certainly, there is always a construction or repairing project going on. This is where cherry pickers come very much in handy, since they can reach elevated areas easily. In addition to construction, Chicago has also become a second L.A., where movies and shows are shot all-year round. Cherry pickers are rented for the creation of these movie sets, as well.

Illini Hi-Reach, Inc.

Illini has been successfully servicing the Chicagoland area since 1993. They take pride in being one of Chicago’s most efficient cherry picker rental agencies. This is due to the fact that Illini offers some of the most modern cherry pickers in the area. Their rental fleet includes scissor lifts and boom lifts, where some are electric operated and others run on diesel. They offer only the best models manufactured by the very well-known JLG; their platform capacities range from 500 lbs. to 2,250 lbs. some of the models are self-propelled vertical lifts, which are perfect to paint the exterior of buildings and large houses. If you happen to live in the northern region of the neighboring state of Indiana, Illini also makes sure to service your area. You can contact them directly by phone to learn more about their rates and deals.

Metrolift, Inc.

When searching for cherry pickers and aerial lifts, Metrolift is one of the best suppliers in the Chicago area. They have been in business for 20 years and continue to offer only the best customer service to their loyal clients. They happen to be one of the largest cherry picker rental agencies, as well. Their fleetincludes the following:

• Electric and articulated boom lifts – manufactured by Genie
• Rough terrain straight boom lifts – manufactured by Genie, JLG and Skyjack
• Scissor lifts: regular and rough terrain – manufactured by Hy-Brid, Skyjack,

Genie and JLG

Metrolift requests all of their customers to pay for cherry picker insurance. This is done in order to avoid any complications with your cherry picker rental. In case you experience any failure with the equipment, Metrolift will make sure to repair any damage at no extra cost.

Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals is a large cherry picker rental agency with hundreds of branches all over the country. Not only do they service the Chicago area, but they also have branches in the majority of large cities of the United States. When visiting their website, you will find an easy tool that will make it a lot simpler for you to locate a cherry picker agency in Chicago. You can also specify the dates that you will need the equipment. You will find an interesting tool that calculates the estimated rental fee for a cherry picker, based on a monthly usage. In addition to superb equipment and delivery services, Sunbelt Rentals offer technical support every day of the week.

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