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Cherry Pickers Hire

Cherry Pickers Hire

Searching for cherry pickers for hire doesn’t have to be too difficult. Depending on the project that you’re working on, the cost for the cherry picker doesn’t have to be overly expensive. You will find an assortment of models available for rental. Only you can determine which cherry picker is the appropriate one for your project. Certainly, there are a few companies that choose to purchase the equipment instead of renting; however, this might only be feasible for those companies that will be using the cherry picker on a daily basis, for years to come. If you need it for sporadic projects, then renting one is the best way to go.

Renting vs. Buying

The main difference that stands out between renting and buying a cherry picker is the money that is needed for investment. Cherry pickers are large pieces of equipment that cost a lot of money. Therefore, purchasing one means investing a large amount of money. Small cherry pickers can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000; larger and more sophisticated cherry pickers can cost up to $100,000 apiece. When it comes to renting a cherry picker, you can spend between $1,000 and $2,000 per week. This is certainly less money, and works better if you need the cherry picker sporadically, and not frequently. In addition, projects go through phases, and sometimes the cherry picker is needed only in a few phases of the project. This means that if you only need the cherry picker for three consecutive days, then you’re better off paying $450 for those three days, than $50,000 for the actual machine.

Finding Cherry Picker Contractors

In some communities, it’s not unusual to find databases of trusted contractors. Despite the fact of being competitors, construction companies in some smaller cities share information among themselves, in order to reduce any unnecessary costs. When a company has a satisfactory experience with a certain cherry picker contractor, then they will recommend their services to other companies. In case you don’t have access to this type of information, you can always make use of the internet (such as the social media environment) to find out reviews of cherry pickers agencies. You can also log on directly to Hertz Equipment Rental and Ahern to check the cherry pickers they have available. These companies are very well known all over the United States, and there is a smaller chance of having a bad experience with them.

Total Costs of Hiring a Cherry Picker

When going on the quest for cherry pickers for hire, there are some fees associated with the same that are not always included in the original quote. For example, most often than not, you will find an insurance fee added to the daily rate for renting a cherry picker. The insurance rate varies from contractor to contractor, that is why it’s advisable that you discuss the terms of agreement prior to signing anything. Keep in mind that if the agency will take care of delivering and picking up the cherry picker, there will be an additional fee for those servicesas well.

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