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Cherry Picker Hire Rates

Cherry Picker Hire Rates

There are a few things that you need to have in mind when inquiring about cherry picker hire rates. First of all, the size and capacity of the machine will help determine the rate for its rental. There are different types of cherry pickers, which are offered at different prices. Second of all, the contractor may offer different rates for daily rentals and weekly rentals. This means that you may qualify for a discount, if you rent the cherry picker for more than a week. Last, there are other charges that are added to the flat rental rate. In addition, it’s important to discuss with the project coordinator the basic needs of the project. Make sure there is a qualified cherry picker operator on your team, as well.

Bigger Means Better

When it comes to cherry pickers, you will see that there is a vast variety of models. Some of them have a higher reach capacity, and others can carry heavier weights. The bigger cherry pickers tend to have a better performance, since the configuration of their motor allows them to work more efficiently. This doesn’t mean that smaller cherry pickers are useless; it simply means that some models are built to take on bigger projects better. If you’re working on a small project, such as building a third floor on a two-story building, then a 19-foot cherry picker should do the job. However, if your project is a lot bigger than that, then you can choose among the larger, more sophisticated cherry pickers. Keep in mind, though, that cherry picker hire rates can vary depending on their availability.

Things to Remember

When estimating cherry picker hire rates, there are additional things that can affect your total cost. Even though you might rent from a local contractor, there is still a need to transport the cherry picker to and from your office or project site. This is referred to as the delivery and pickup fee; sometimes, the contractor will include the fee in the original quote. However, it’s important that you discuss the terms with the contractor before signing an agreement. In addition, if you’re renting a vehicle-mounted cherry picker, then you might be able to pick it up yourself in order to reduce the total cherry picker hire rate. Other types of cherry pickers, such as the unpowered lifts, need to be pushed into place.

Cherry Pickers Safety & Cost

Dealing with construction projects means you have men at work. Consequently, this brings several issues such as safety. In order to keep all workers safe, there are a few guidelines that all companies follow. When it comes to hiring a cherry picker, you will have the option to pay for insurance. Even though certain contractors will offer an optional insurance coverage, others will charge it no matter what. Depending on your location, there might be state guidelines that need to be followed and met. In addition, it’s highly advisable to pay the insurance fee, since it will certainly save you money and headaches in case there is an accident on your project site.

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