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Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry picker hire is always an option for those who have been tasked with jobs requiring work at a height. For those who are not familiar with cherry pickers, they are also known as elevated platforms and are machines equipped with an extendable arm with either a platform or a bucket at the end. Cherry picker hire is applicable for a number of purposes. These machines are a staple of fire departments and utility companies in most parts of the country. Their larger counterparts are being used at a number of construction sites and they can even be used for home projects such as roof repair.

Many types of cherry picker are available for cherry picker hire. The model chosen will affect the price so it is important to get the right one up front. Some people make the mistake of choosing a complex, expensive machine when a simple scissor lift would have sufficed. Others do the opposite and rent a cherry picker which cannot do what they need it to. Proper cherry picker hire depends on knowing the exact details of the task at hand and what is likely to be required. It also helps to know about the types of cherry pickers which are available.

Personnel Lifts:

These types of lifts are suitable for cherry picker hire in instances when single persons with a minimum of equipment need to be carried. With their small platform or bucket, these lifters are relatively smaller and faster with an increased portability. Personnel lifts are used for small scale jobs, mostly for indoor and household purposes. It is a popular cherry picker hire choice and is commonly employed for stock taking and warehouse management. They are typically available in a self-propelled model as well as one that needs to be towed.

Scissor Lifts:

Scissor lifts are capable of bearing a large amount of weight for a longer time, but they are still not the heavyweights of the cherry picker world. They can have a wide platform and the supporting machinery of the device features a scissor-like or a zigzag pattern. As a rule the carrying capacity of the lift is directly associated with the sturdiness of the support mechanism. As with the previous lifts, these are available for cherry picker hire in both self-propelled and mounted varieties. The one drawback of these lifts is that they are only capable of vertical movement.

Boom Lifts:

The big advantage of boom lifts when it comes to cherry picker hire is the fact that they are capable of movement in both the vertical and horizontal planes. This allows them to reach places that might be difficult for other types of lifts. These are usually available for cherry picker hire in the mounted form, but there are self-propelled and unpowered versions which must be pushed into place. The self propelled models are highly adaptable and fairly fast.

It is easy to see that different types of lifts are designed to suit different purposes. It is important to determine which type is best for one's cherry picker hire needs so that the correct decision is made.

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